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Andress Blackwell

Executive Director

Andress Blackwell is an Executive Director with Whipstitch Capital. As co-founder and former CEO of Swerve, a leading carb-conscious baking and cooking company, Andress joined Whipstitch after Swerve was acquired by Whole Earth Brands, Inc. Over the last twenty years, Andress has worn virtually every hat possible for a CPG entrepreneur: product innovation, contract manufacturer selection and management, negotiating with sales brokers and distributors, knocking on retailer doors, refusing to take no as an answer, and ultimately growing consumer demand through innovative, non-traditional guerilla marketing. During Andress’ tenure, Swerve gained distribution in over 21,000 grocery stores and grew at 150% CAGR from 2016 until the sale in late 2020. In short, Andress has been there and done it. She built a CPG company and successfully sold it to a large strategic.

Why It’s Personal

“I’ll never forget the first time I walked into a health food store. It was that very day that my health journey began. I realized when I had more energy and vitality, I performed better in my job and was more invigorated about everything in life. Since then, it’s been my mission to help more people experience vitality. When we feel good, we all contribute to building stronger, more vibrant communities. Being part of making better-for-you brands accessible to more consumers is why I joined the Whipstitch Team. For me, it’s personal.”